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Due to shoulder surgery on February 14th, I have been unable to add to the journal. I'll be up and about soon and will continue to chronicle my parrots' health issues. --Ginny

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Blue Crown Conure


July 24, 2004
All signs of nubs are gone. Max is bare again, however his legs now have nubs. I no longer see him scratching as much nor as vigorously as before. He still screams and attacks himself. We keep forging ahead!

July 22, 2004
On the second day after administering Carprofen Max shows visible nubs coming in around his crop. Hope stirs!

July 20, 2004
Max was given his first does of Carprofen at 4:00 pm in an attempt to relieve his apparent pain that causes him to attack his body and yank a feather. He also exhibits considerable itchiness from the way he scratches. At this juncture, Max is completely bare of all feathers from his neck to his feet with large patches of feathers gone from both wings.

12/1/02 Max became lethargic on November29th. He's had spurts of energy, but goes back to his fluffed position by his birdie buddy. His weight is down from 164g to 152g. Droppings look normal. His appetite is down.

(While the Haldol appeared to allow feather growth, he pulls the beautiful down. At least he allows the feather to become down.)

9/28/02 After nine days on Haldol, Max is growing feathers. (See "Max" link for regrowth photo.)

9/20/02 Max was put on Haldol. He had been on doxepin for the past two weeks, showed some improvement, but off we went to the vet anyway. So, we will see how he does in two weeks. Vet's scale weighed him in at 157g. 3g more than his previous visit.

6/20/02 Weight 164. Still featherless.

Max's weight is holding at 164g. He is still plucked on chest, belly, legs and back. Giardia seems the culprit, but all three tests were negative.

Max's weight was up to 164. He is on Benedryl and Atarax. He seems to do better when both these things are in his system. He has been getting a standard breakfast and his dinner is always Harrison's High Potency. Bedtime treat is a scoop of seed (small scoop). Tomorrow is yet another vet visit. His plucking is severe.

Max weighed in at 168 grams! I weighed him after dinner, and after handfeeding him his dinner. I let him perch on my hand and with the other hand I pick up pieces of food and feed him. He is still plucking. He is scheduled for an x-ray of the proventriculus on Friday 1/25/02.

Max weighed in at 160 grams. He is scheduled to have an x-ray of the proventriculus to determine if he does, in fact, have PDD. He is currently on Atarax and Benedryl. He still has a healthy appetite. I felt his keel bone today, and I don't recall being able to feel that before. I'm concerned about muscle mass.

January 6, 2002
Weight: 162

January 2, 2002
The Fecal Trichrome Giardia test results came back negative. This is the second negative Giardia test. Max is still plucking and his right leg is bare on the inside. Today he shied away from me, which is very unnatural behavior for one who normally runs head over heels to get to me.

Observation: Not very playful. Did not have many frantic plucking bouts today. Had two days of George's Aloe applied to raw skin areas. Was not noticeable hot today. Days of most severe plucking his beak feels unusually hot, as do the plucked areas and feet.

Weight on 12/28/01 160. Still plucking. Hearty appetite.


Tres Jolie
Blue Front Amazon

6/20/02 494g Very healthy.

4/1/02 Tres Jolie weighed in at 490g. Good appetite, poops were a bit watery so I cut back on the pellets.

Weight 494. Healthy appetite. Nice feathers.

Tres Jolie is the best he's ever been since the death of Sinbad. His appetite is great, his talking is nearly constant and he plays with vigor. He can go through his homemade wood toys in record time. His meal are fairly unchanging with the exception of different fruits added. His dinner is Harrison's High Potency with a bedtime treat of seed. His color is wonderful and his breast is thick and meaty. I'm delighted with his progress.

January 2, 2002
TJ has a healthy appetite, is playfuland talkative.

Observation: Excess urine, however, oranges, apples and cranberries were fed at noon.

Weight on 12/28/01 452. He's playful, talkative, and is eating well.


Bobo (bottom)
Lilac Crown Amazom
Jade (top)
Maxmillian's Pionus

6/20/02 Jade: 274g and very healthy.
Bobo: Too hormal to attempt a weigh-in, but otherwise very healthy.

4/10/02 Bobo: 328g. Healthy and doing very well.

Jade 298g Is very active, has a hearty appetite. Poops look healthy. Jade is still my most adept flier!

Jade: 282g. Jade had been ill for about two days. She was sitting rather still and fluffed. I eliminated the added "goodies" from her food and after a few days she improved. She's back to her usual self.

Jade and Bobo are doing equally well. Both have very good appetites and both are playful. Bobo seems to have a great constitution but can sometimes be a bit quick to bite. He's an Amazon whose body language needs to be read carefully. Jade is a happy playful Pionus who enjoys life and especially enjoys eating. They both share the same diet as Max and Tres Jolie and are doing very well.

Nothing remarkable about these two hearty parrots. Both are talkative and playful. Great appetites.

Weight on 12/28/01 304 and 254. Both are happy and playful. Bobo is coming off a hormonal period where he didn't want to exit his cage and pinned his eyes.

Parrot Chronicles
Will be updated regularly