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Final Examination

Final Examination in Ethics

1. Virginia "Ginny" Bender
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Messages 8/15/01 Hello fellow classmates. My email is I am 50 and attempting to get a degree before I die. I own five beautiful exotic parrots. I have a son and daughter in college as well. I work full time at Pasadena Water and Power, and given the current "energy crisis" I am quite busy. Interestingly, there are considerable ethics questions being raised in our industry over the recent price gouging by a few energy providers. I look forward to an interesting class and some insightful online debates.

Message 8/16/01 11:40 am Whew! I did it. The Site Builder didn't work last night, but it's working now. Later I'll upload some photos of my passion -- Parrots! Ethics: Having no introduction to a Philosophy class, I'm finding the first reading assignment difficult, at best. I'll try re reading the first several pages when I'm not so tired.

Message 18 8/17/01 10:30 am It's too bad you missed the orientation. It was the only time our class will ever meet! You will find the syllabus within the first two messages posted by gnosticgolfer (the instructor). Your first assignment is also posted. We will need two books for the semester. One is in the Mt. Sac bookstore now and the other should be arriving soon, or you can buy it from an online source, if you can find it. Everything you need to know thus far is in the syllabus. Most importantly, you need to create a website to house your posts, mid term and final. Hope this helps

Message 19 8/17/01 10:32 am I believe I tried to reply to this message from e-mail, but I don't think it worked. You need to post your assignment here, as well as on your website.

Message 25 8/17/01 10:34 pm You are correct! The required books are NOT on the syllabus. Uh Oh. I was sitting in the back of the class and I could not read the board. The first book is Great Traditions in Ethics 9th edition by Denise White and 2 others. The second book is Practical Ethics by Peter Singer. Hope this helps. On a personal note, I'm truly bummed because I just had two surgeries on my right arm: carpal tunnel and a reconfiguration of my elbow. Now it turns out I have a torn rotator cuff, and I need yet another surgery. Arrrrgh!

Message 26 8/17/01 11:13 pm Considering this class an initial introduction to Philosophy with a focus on ethics, I hope to use what I learn in daily business. I was surprised at the complexity of ethics. The first reading could probably take up an entire semester, if we concentrated on breaking down the various theories. For this essay, I will use values based on an American society. However, given the diverse ethnicity of the United States, there exists a great disparity in values. Despite this disparity in values, I will focus on basic principles of right and wrong. On whose values should we base ethical behavior? Should we follow the practices of a society, and, if so, which society? In my reference site Colero indicates that we should listen to intuition or an ?inner voice.? That sounds like a good idea, but what if we lack an inner voice. A recent conversation I had with my orthopedic surgeon comes to mind. While he was Chief Resident at County USC Medical Center, Richard Ramirez (the ?Night Stalker?) was brought into the emergency room. My doctor indicated that while Richard was a friendly fellow, his eyes were those of a shark?dead. Now, what kind of inner voice or intuition did Richard Ramirez possess? Why didn?t he develop the same inner voice and intuitions as others? Lawrence Kohlberg wasn?t off base when he attempted to trace how youth think. I was surprised, however, to read that most people never reach Kohlberg?s fifth level. I presume one reason would be that we encounter daily corruption. For example, we might see employees engaged in time theft, or taking a few office supplies, or making personal calls. Such deeds don?t seem like a big deal, but they are nonetheless acts of corruption. Maybe people become desensitized to this type of corruption, and it hardens the ability to achieve Kohlberg?s fifth level. Obviously, Mr. Ramirez did not reach any of Kohlberg?s levels. Perhaps, in addition to Kohlberg?s five levels, we include W.D. Ross? seven moral convictions, we might enhance our inner voice. Parental grooming probably stimulates our inner voice from the time we are toddlers. If, however, parents themselves lack moral character, how will they teach their toddlers? I think the subject of ethics is as varied as the cultures of the world. It would be ideal if everyone shared the same ethics, or if everyone even had ethics. Sadly, just watching the evening news confirms the lack of ethics by many people. After reading the first weeks? lesson, I think it will be a challenge to pinpoint one philosophy as the true ethical source. Perhaps we will have to combine a variety of philosophies and come up with our own rules for ethical behavior.

Message 27 8/17/01 11:41 pm This is the link to my website. I had to create a new page to insert my Week 1 Post. How do I go from page 1 to page 2? Anybody know?

Message 38 8/20/01 10:40 am My problem arm is, in fact, my working arm. Since I have 2 online classes, it would be problematic if they wanted to operate now! Bummer.

Message 40 8/20/01 10:13 pm When in the EDIT site for your web page, I clicked on the icon at the bottom that said, "New Page" -- I created my site in Tripod. To view the second page, I click on the upper left link that says "new title page."

Message 44 8/21/01 5:07 pm Yes, we are supposed to write a one page "essay" about our observations of the first Internet reading.

Message 50 8/22/01 12:21 am Your page seems to be working. You just need to add your posts now. I need to add my posts to my page too.

Message 52 8/22/01 10:22 am Good Grief! I thought the first week's reading of 13 pages was long! Aristotle's Ethics is 28 pages. My brain is sure to explode trying to understand it.

Message 63 8/23/01 10:47 pm
Hello! I believe we are merely to post our work here and post it on our website.

Message 67 8/24/01 5:57 pm It's in the first two messages left by Dr. Diem. It is on the syllabus. It's #3 under Week One. You need to link to an article, read it, write a one page post, then add that page to your website.

Message 72 8/24/01 10:10 pm

Message 81 8/27/01 4:19 pm You must first advise which site you are using for your web page. Then go to that site (not your web page), but the main site, and find the section that allows you to enter your website. For instance, I'm in Tripod. I go to Tripods main page and I hit "Site Builder." It then goes to a window that lists my site and I simply select my site. Then I can go into my website and edit. You copy and paste in the same way you copy and paste everything.

Message 87 8/27/01 11:15 pm I just saw some links to websites posted in the "Links" section of this club. Now I'm wondering WHERE we're supposed to be posting our assignments. Do we post the links to our essays in this, the message section, or in the section called "Links?" I'm confused. Also, do we post the link to the actual page our essay is on or merely the link to the web page? Double confusion. Last bit of confusion--we're supposed to paste our posts on our webpage, but are we supposed to paste all the mundane chatter-type posts as well? At age 50 I live in a perpetual state of confusion, but I can't afford to have my assignments confused. Any help on this will be appreciated!

Message 89 8/27/01 11:53 pm Thanks! That was my understanding as well, until I started looking through the Club site and confused myself.

Message 103 9/1/01 7:51 pm Last night while posting an Anthropology message, I heard a POP, smelled an electrical burn and my Mac G4 died. Rushed it to Comp USA and the diagnosis is still not in! I've dusted off a slow-as-molasses Power PC, but lost all my links, passwords, etc. Arrrgh! And yesterday driving to a doc appointment, the entire side of a back molar crumbled. Of course, the dentist is on a 3 day weekend. Somebody shoot me! As for Kant... wow, is that ever difficult reading! I've got 4 more pages to read and I haven't a clue what I read. Very difficult, and if the rest of the class is like this, I'll open a vein!

Message 108 9/2/01 11:00 pm Wendy, thank you! I'm ok, because I saved everything. The only bad thing is that I can't remember the password to edit my website! My G4 memorized all the keystrokes, and like ad dummy I didn't write down my password! I wrote to tripod though. So, I can't upload my Kant report until I get my password.

Message 113 9/4/01 11:38 am Theresa, thanks for the info. I suppose I didn't expect an Ethics class to be studying philosophers of old. I'm told by many that I'll enjoy the subject, so I guess I'll stick with it. I look forward with DREAD to week 7! I'm printing all of the links to future readings, so that I can read earlier than the week due, but whew, what a lot of reading! In reading the syllabus for week four I see that we're supposed to post links here for our essays that are on the web. I thought I was supposed to post the essay! Duh! Well, I'm off to find a site that explains what David Hume just said on cause and effect. Just when I think I get it, he confuses me again.

Message 114 9/4/01 12:00 pm Hello fellow students. I contacted the system administrator at in an attempt to get the correct link to hume1. I asked for the doc itself, or a better link. I will post to everyone if I get the document. Hume.htm was a difficult read!

Message 117 9/4/01 11:23 pm Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four/Post 5

Message 125 9/5/01 1:22 pm To copy and post my links to our Club, I did the following: I opened my Website. Then I opened Word in the background. I clicked on my first Posted message and in the Browser's URL location bar, I simply highlighted and copied it. (Command C for Mac, Control C for PC). Then I switched to a blank document in Word and hit Command V (Control V) and it pasted the link into the word document. I went back to my Web page, opened the second post and repeated the above steps. Once I had all the links to my pages on the Word document, I copied the entire word doc (highlighted it all and hit command C). Then I opened our Club site, selected post, named it Links to Posts 1 thru 5 and in the body I hit command V, which pasted all the links. If I didn't explain this correctly, I'll be happy to walk you through it on the phone.

Message 126 9/5/01 1:25 pm Theresa, I believe your post was "guessing" at the instructor's intended links. I don't want to waste my time working on links that are not the intended link! I want to find the originally intended link. As for the reply from The message I wrote to the System Administrator, was returned to me this morning as "undeliverable." I think if the instructor wants us to read a specific link, then it is the instructor's responsibility to provide us with that link. Otherwise, tell us to go find our own! I believe at the end of your post you laughed, suggesting that this whole thing was a joke. (I may be wrong, but that's how I took it.) I'm far too busy to joke around with a class assignment.

9/6/01 8:03 pm I just spent the last 30+ minutes finding and copying all my posts on our Club into my webpage. Above is the link if you' like to see what I did. I then marked the from/to post dates, so that I will know where I stopped. Every couple of weeks, I'll copy my posts and add them to my website. Just thought I'd share this with you.

Message 126 9/5/01 1:25 pm Theresa, I believe your post was "guessing" at the instructor's intended links. I don't want to waste my time working on links that are not the intended link! I want to find the originally intended link. As for the reply from The message I wrote to the System Administrator, was returned to me this morning as "undeliverable." I think if the instructor wants us to read a specific link, then it is the instructor's responsibility to provide us with that link. Otherwise, tell us to go find our own! I believe at the end of your post you laughed, suggesting that this whole thing was a joke. (I may be wrong, but that's how I took it.) I'm far too busy to joke around with a class assignment.

Message 137 9/7/01 1:13 pm Thank you for the explanation. One thing I don't take humorously is school. I focus very hard on the subject at hand, and I took the message as "ho hum, isn't this funny, find your own links" and it didn't settle properly with me. I guess this is the first online class I've taken where the instructor doesn't participate! Very strange indeed. If there was an error in the link, or a different link, I expected Dr. Diem to communicate with the class directly. I completed the assignment as best I could with the information the instructor provided.

Message 138 9/7/01 1:16 pm I can't recall what week we're on and what the lesson is for the week of 9/10. I have not yet started the Religion section and I see a post is already up! Am I behind?

Message 155 9/11/01 12:49 am 6ABITM4UI&sourceid=00000161363075341331&bfdate=09-11-2001%2B00%3A47%3A01&querylo cation=7&TTL=Practical+Ethics&x=26&y=14&ATH=Peter+Singer&WRD=&SORT=S

I found our second textbook at the above site ($19 new, or $15 used). What I would like to know is if the 2nd edition is the right edition. The book ships in 24 hours. Does anyone know how much the book is at the Book Rac?

Message 161 9/12/01 11:40 pm Thank you, Dr. Diem, I will go ahead and order the book online. I bought the other book immediately following orientation. Lucky me... I got the last USED book!

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