Week 6 Post 8

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Feathers and Fur


There seems to be a deep chasm between Christian and Non Christina beliefs. It appears that Buddhism seems most closely related, as the forbidden acts of Buddhism are similar to Catholicism: Killing, stealing, illicit sex, wrong speech, drunkenness, to name a few. It seems that the goodness of and to man is important.

From this Internet article, I get the impression that the other faiths appear to be pro themselves with dislike and even hatred for non-believers, "... firm belief that Muslims possess the one truth has led to much violence on the behalf of Allah..." as well, as the oppression of women as evidenced by the Islam article that stated, "... horribly degraded position of women in Arab Society..."

What I think the article failed to mention is that these faiths are probably all quite good, but certain human beings have soured or turned certain teachings into their own personal viewpoint, such as Osama Bin Laden. He preaches hatred and violence, as the world witnessed on September 11, 2001. Perhaps if I studied the non-Christian faiths in detail, I might learn the true intention of Allah, Buddha and the other named gods. Perhaps I would learn that their true teachings are similar to Jesus Christ's teachings, but changed over time.

Jesus' teaching was never other than love, both the love of the Father in Heaven and love of our brother. I suppose I could take up a sign, decry a cause and say it is in the name of the Catholic Church, but it would not be true. Look at the so-called pro-lifers who, in the name of God, kill abortionists and bomb abortion clinics. That is not what Jesus compels us to do. That is in direct opposition to calling themselves pro-lifers! It is not the Christian way. Killing in any form is wrong.

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