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Feathers and Fur

Religious / Christian Ethics

Religion is probably one of the most fundamentally personal choices we have today. I?m sure that expressing one?s religious beliefs can be an extremely controversial and heated subject. As one of my fellow classmates said, many people have died in the name of their god. As personal as one?s faith is, it is frequently discussed in open circles, which often results in heated debates. Talking about religion as a class project, and putting one?s essay on a website is certainly an interesting prospect. Talking about religion as a class project, and putting one?s essay on a website is certainly an interesting prospect.

A person reared in a faith compared with a convert to the same faith can have completely different passions about his or her religion. Quite often, these passionate people can develop an adverse view of the sometimes differing opinions. Perhaps from this difference sparks the birth of a fanatic in Religion. Religion, as defined in Webster?s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is the worship of God. Thus, perhaps stems the reason behind most wars?who is God and what are His teachings?

The foundation for Christianity shares its beginnings with from Judaism, since Jesus Christ was born a Jew, practiced the Jewish faith, and only then instructed the world in Christianity ? the faith of His father in Heaven. I had some very stimulating conversations with my Jewish neighbors, when they talked about their upbringing in the Jewish faith, their beliefs and practices. They also showed quite an interest in my Catholic faith. They especially enjoyed our Christmas tree, its symbolism, as well as the festive decorations. Easter, the greatest religious celebration for Catholics, was also very interesting to my Jewish neighbors. In all the years we lived next door to each other and discussed our faith, there was never an unkind word, or a heated discussion.

Such is the way I think Christ would want His people to live. He would want us to show respect, understanding, and acceptance of each other. ?Love thy neighbor as thyself? is so profound a statement that if we lived by that commandment, there would be a ceasefire heard ?round the world! The Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, the Palestinians and Israelis, and countless others would enjoy generations of peace.

God gave us only Ten Commandments as well as two great commandments. However, God does not compel us to obey. Instead, He gave us free will. It is our free will that causes the battles and wars. The articles somehow lead me to believe that there are theories behind God?s laws. Those theories are the Divine Command Theory, and the Autonomy Thesis. Then there are people who describe religion as being liberal, social, or apocalyptic, etc.

I believe Christianity is none and all of those things. Christianity is merely living according to Ten Commandments and two great commandments. It?s a very simple way to live. It is certainly not an easy way for some people, and consequently, we have had to devise laws, rules, and regulations to control the people. Even those laws, rules and regulations didn?t stop the bad folks. Therefore, we developed punishment befitting the crime. Then we had to have people to enforce all those rules as well as the punishments. We created a massive web of confusion.

Even if other faiths do not believe in God handing Moses the Ten Commandments, surely it would be most difficult to refute that any one of the commandments isn?t good.
What is so bad about not killing? What about stealing? Isn?t that commandment beneficial to all? I?m glad to be deeply rooted in my faith, and I hope to practice my faith, on a daily basis every minute of every day.

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